At home IMPACT drills for your student athletes!

Introducing our Team IMPACT Training Drills Series 2013 videos created to support proper athletic fundamentals’ instruction at home. Most of these drills involve very little equipment and the videos are less than one minute. We recommend cones, chalk to draw a ladder and a football for equipment. This 7-part series covers the following physical development areas:

1. Movement- Speed & agility, Rapid response/Vertical movement
2. Explosion- Explosive acceleration, Footwork
3. Core Strength- Balance & stability, Core muscle group
4. Hand-eye Coordination
5. Shifting Gears- Lateral movement, Reaction time
6. Footwork- Balance & stability, Agility
7. Advanced Circuit- 10 minute full body challenge

Try doing each exercise one time slowly to practice proper technique and then 3 repetitions at normal speed. Provide positive reinforcement to turn it into a fun experience for both parent and student athlete.

Get started by viewing our Team IMPACT Academy Drills Series 2013 by clicking here!