Team IMPACT Coaching, LLC is a 501(c)(3) established in Phoenix, Arizona 2013 to enrich the youth sports experience for athletes, coaches, parents and the broader community. Team IMPACT supports the proper development of athletic fundamentals and teamwork amongst student athletes nationwide. Our program is intended to reward committed athletes looking to develop advanced physical and mental sports skills with a priority on the process of training over trophies. We teach athletes to not only make an impact on the field and with their teammates but at home, in school and in the community.

Team Impact Coaching began with the purpose of helping recreational athletes learn the values of hard work and commitment to be able to compete locally and nationally with the top competitive athletes regardless of sport. Our model through the years has proven to be successful through our competitive football programs and countless stories of successful young adults.

Regardless of sport, the Team IMPACT Coaching program teaches athletes to physically improve their strength and core conditioning, speed and agility, hand-eye coordination and rapid response behavior. We support this curriculum with lessons on teamwork, unselfishness and the importance of maintaining a confident, positive attitude. Our personalized coach to player ratio ensures student athletes learn the right way to develop with an emphasis on technique, perspective and fundamentals. At Team IMPACT Coaching, we believe every child deserves the right to experience the joy of being highly successful at youth sports. However, not all children are the same! So we stand by the words of John Wooden.

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”

Everything begins with COMMITMENT. That is why you are here. So let Team IMPACT Coaching maximize your athlete’s potential today!

Please be sure to patron the growing list of national and local businesses that make up our Friends of Team IMPACT Sponsorship Program.

Coaches and Trainers

Dave Bagchi, Executive Director
Javes Lewis, Executive Trainer
Marcus Nash, Executive Trainer
Jon Kimling, Coach- Teams
Ken Brown- Trainer
Ken Burton- Trainer
Alex Cogen- Trainer
Travis Hawthorn- Trainer
De’Jon Russell- Trainer
Kenyanna Wilson- Trainer
Steve Dixon, Sports Camp Director

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Corporate address: c/o Team IMPACT Coaching, 3711 E Louise Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85050