“Team impact is one of the very few organizations in the country that truly encapsulates what true development is about. From fundamental concepts to complex progressions that are engrained through high functioning teaching tools and drills! No mater what athletic ability you have you will be PREPARED to COMPETE at the highest level, while showing the utmost respect and sportsmanship! Your child WILL be better athletes and people before their time is done at TEAM IMPACT!”- Former Super Bowl Champion, NFL 1st Round Draft pick, NCAA Student Athlete/ Trainer/Coach/Parent

“My son is telling me all the drills and all the things that you taught him have really put him ahead of the game! Just wanted to share that with you because I know how much you believe in him!” – Parent of a current High School Football Player

“Dave i really appreciate what you do for my son.. From the day i met you you have been a huge support for him.. You help me keep his dream alive and active.. Seriously word are not enough and fall short of my gratitude and love.”- Parent

“Every kid has a special skill set and Team Impact is here to bring it out of them in the best way possible. I believe in the foundation and coaches that TI provides it’s youth with.”- Performance Trainer

“He is doing great. He is achieving a valuable lesson from tackle this fall- he is really become mentally and physically tougher. His QB skills are really emerging ( playing WB/RB & safety). All his work w/ you and year round football has really paid off. He really stands out among the rest so we will probably be playing on the All-Star team later this fall.
We are proudly displaying a TEAM IMPACT sticker on my new 2018 Silverado …. Lol
Look forward seeing you soon.
Thank you for all you do!” – Parent/Coach

“Hey, just wanted to send a quick message saying thank you for supporting me through this period in my life. You didn’t know me from much but you extended your kindness and that says a lot about who you are as a person and it means a lot to me. “ – Parent/Coach

“I met Dave a couple years ago. My son and I were looking at different quarterback coaches in the valley. I found Team Impact Coaching online and ended up calling to ask about his program. Dave spent a long time talking to me about what to expect and the commitment that both my son and I will have to take on if he really did want to pursue being a quarterback. We started going to some of the Team Impact camps and met a lot of the coaches involved. It seemed like a great program and both my kids wanted to continue to train with them when we could. We continued to go to the training while we played on a rec team for the past couple years. With the combination of the QB training and the all around football training provided by Team Impact Coaching I could see quite a big difference with both of my boys. My youngest son really took the training seriously and this Fall I asked him if he would like to try out for the Team Impact travel team. He really didn’t want to leave his teammates that he has played with for the past few years but he also wanted to take all the hard work he has put in and take it to the next level. This year he will playing on the Team Impact travel team and he is super excited for this new opportunity. This is a great program and I have 100% confidence my son will get the best training a 10 year old can get. I have also signed up to help coach the 10U team and look forward to learning from the coaches and staff! “- Parent/Coach

“If you’re reluctant to have your son play tackle SIGN UP WITH TEAM IMPACT! Best Flag/7v7 Program in the valley. The staff takes time to really focus on FUNDAMENTALS, MENTAL PREPARATION, and OVERALL DEVELOPMENT! They get it right!” – Coach/Trainer/Former NCAA Student Athlete

“We just started with Team Impact this summer, and so far, it’s been some of the best coaching my son’s have every received. The mix of agility, speed and football specific skills is not only making my boys better football players, it’s also making them better athletes.
Coach Dave and his coaching staff are demanding, but it’s clearly all about the kids and their development. We’re very happy with what we’ve seen so far.” – Coach/Former NCAA Student Athlete

“Team Impact Coaching helps build a child’s social skills while learning the importance of exercising and teamwork.” – Parent

“Team Impact teaches you not only to be a teammate and make an impact in football, but it teaches the same thing in life.” – High School Coach/Trainer/Parent

“Highly recommend. Best coaches, best training, best mentors.” – Parent

“Taking the training to another level. Coach Dave and staff has pushed our son out of his comfort zone. By doing this it has allowed him to not only grow as a player but also as a leader on the field. Thank you coaches for an amazingly nag spring session, we look forward to the fall!” – Parent

“Thanks for taking the time yesterday to address excuses. As parents, we appreciate what you’re doing with these athletes trying to turn them into productive young men.” – Parent

“Amazing coaches and professionalism. We can see our son grow into a young man from a boy through the workouts and football playing time. Recommended!” – Parent

“My son wishes to continue and work hard regardless of which team he makes as he told me today after tryouts. Appreciate you working with him and the great coaching.” – Parent

“My son has his first game this weekend. He is looking really good. He is a different player ever since his time with you.” – Parent

“We have a desire to train with Impact Training for all segments. I have always contended the training is the best in the biz and the backbone of it all. They love it, look forward to it every week, and frankly it’s become a lifestyle for them.” – Parent/Coach

“Excellent above and beyond on the field and off the field.” – Parent

“I have admired Team Impact program on not only the competitive teams we’ve competed against but how he develops his players. A lot of ideas when I started a few years ago I got from Team Impact. I’ve only been coaching a few years so I’m not to proud to ask for advice on how to get the kids and program better. Dave Bagchi who runs Impact could have told me no figure it out yourself. Dave has given me sound advice and even had a few training sessions that he’s known for in Arizona brought out here earlier this year with one of his top trainers Marcus Nash. They were both little to no cost and was open to the flag teams out here to participate. The Baller players who are our rivals here in Vegas were with us at the training session and the boys had a good time together learning techniques like precise route running among many other things. If you watched the 10U Impact National Championship Team they didn’t have stud athletes at every position. The reason they won was great coaching and being technically sound.” – Org Leader/Coach/Parent

“Thank you for eloquently highlighting every player in the team. We appreciate your selflessness and your resilience as you lead this organization. We are especially thankful for all the love, support and encouragement that you have poured. You broke him down so that he can pay attention to what matters and realize his potentials and the strength in him and then you build him up to validate his hard work and give him confidence.
I can’t tell you how grateful we are to be a part of this family.  You have a special gift of making sure everyone is accounted for and appreciated, and for us parents…that is HUGE! It is not always easy to run a household that is super busy doing many different things, but when we hear a feedback like yours-it means the world to us and makes every sacrifice worthwhile.
Thank you for being so selfless and for teaching our boys not just the skill and technique but most importantly the character to be a great athlete.” – Parent

“Thank you for your leadership and to our O and D coaches, for believing in this team and giving them all the tools and support they need to continually grow and achieve such high levels of success!  Love this Organization and this Team!” – Parent

“Wanted to let you know both my boys are over the top excited by the skills camp this week- what you have put together is tremendous.” – Parent


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